About Us

Azure is committed to delivering high-quality medicines to patients and customers across the globe. This commitment shines through in our focus on quality

Our quality and compliance teams are led by seasoned professionals with years of experience in global quality operations and compliance in relevant pharmaceutical segments. Dedicated technical training teams help enhance the capabilities of our quality and compliance teams by conducting training sessions for them across our sites.

At Azure ,we are guided at all times by our promise of caring for our customers’ health and well-being. To achieve this objective, we have invested in research, continuous learning and technology to develop high quality and affordable medicines to address unmet patient needs.


From removing the regular pain of fingersticks as people manage their diabetes to connecting patients to doctors with real-time information monitoring their hearts, from easing chronic pain and movement disorders to testing half the world’s blood donations to ensure a healthy supply, our purpose is to make the world a better place by bringing life- changing health technologies to the people who need them. preventing and treating disease and keeping people well with our scientific and technical know- how and talented people.That’s our commitment to helping you live your best life.


Good business requires honesty, integrity, commitment, transparency and trust – all pillars of stable governance. These values form an indivisible part of the Lupin culture and helps us uphold our promise of caring towards our customers. They underpin the way we conduct business and how we interact with our clients, our employees and the community. We are an equal opportunity employer, and aim to create a healthy workplace environment that is safe and empowers employees. We have a strong intolerance for corrupt and immoral practices, and adhere to established norms of ethical, moral and legal conduct in all activities.


Significant investment in a wide range of advanced technologies is central to our research. We are developing a core capability in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance our ability to interpret and understand genetics and genomic data. We are also investing in functional genomics, applying techniques for gene modification such as CRISPR technology, to help discover and validate potential targets. These investments supplement our existing strengths in other advanced technologies, including our leading position in cell and gene therapy, which we continue to develop.